I was just talking to someone who asked me:

If I was her coach:

Would I be able to make specific recommendations on how to do online marketing?

Would I be able to tell her exactly what platform to build her website on?

Would I be able to provide direction in creating a sales funnel?

And I get it.

I would LOVE it if someone could just show me exactly what to say, and do, and build, to ensure my business is a success.

But here’s the thing.

None of the things she was asking me about, are what makes the difference:

I have a friend who has invested tens of thousands into courses that teach you step by step how to create an amazing sales funnel.

And she’s now created a funnel

And she books consults.

But she struggles to meet her business goals.

I have another friend whose only online presence is a website with three lines of copy and a contact form.

She has just made a million dollars in her business.

So clearly, it’s not the funnel that makes the difference.

It’s not the website that makes the difference.

It’s not the social media presence that makes the difference.

What separates the people who are killing it, from the people who are struggling, is just one thing.

It’s how they think.

And in business, it’s specifically how they think about their product, their client, and themselves.

When my friend with the amazing sales funnel gets on the very last step of her sales process, the consult call, she wonders “Can I help this person? Is my product the right thing for them? Will they get their money’s worth?” And as a result, her client senses her doubt, and they say No.

When my other friend interacts with potential clients, those questions don’t even cross her mind.

She knows she can help her people.

As a result, her potential clients say YES.

So if you think you need another course that’s going to give you a play by play of how to do it, I’m going to tell you:

You don’t.

The funnel is irrelevant.

The website is irrelevant.

The ads are irrelevant.

The only thing that’s relevant is this:

What are you THINKING about it all?