I help you master money,
so you can have the freedom and abundance
you’ve always dreamed of.

I help you master money, so you can have the freedom and abundance you’ve always dreamed of.

You desire more…

Your life is good.

And you desire more.

You desire to do work that lights you UP, and be well-paid to do it.

You desire to go to bed at night, with the peace of mind that you are taking care of your money, and your money is taking care of you.

You desire being able to go out for dinner, choose the SHRIMP on your pad thai, and not give a fuck about how much more it is.

You desire to spend more time with your kids, your partner, and your mom.

You desire to feel more peaceful and present, and less stressed and frantic.

Your desires are your own.

They are the path to your rich life.

And they are 100% possible for YOU.

My name is Megan Tong, and I will show you how to create your rich life.

I work with clients, one on one, to define their rich life, and then remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of it.

If you desire more for your life, coaching helps you get there faster and more easily.

This is what you can expect from working together:

  • You will understand how money creation works, and develop the muscle of creating it on demand.
  • You will be able to manage your money, in a way that works for YOU.
  • You will know how to get the most out of your money.
  • You will feel more peaceful, and less stressed about your life and money.
  • You will learn tools and create change now, that will serve you for the rest of your life.

We work together for 6 months.

We meet weekly, for 24 one to one sessions.

The investment is $6,000 CAD.

Megan Tong


Megan Tong, CPA, CA, and Certified Life Coach

I started my career as a CPA, and after a stint in Australia, I co-founded Kanga, Toronto’s first Australian-style meat pie company.

Together with my business partner, we built Kanga to a million dollar company, and successfully sold it in 2018.

Growing up, I always had a dream of creating financial freedom. I loved the idea of creating enough wealth that I no longer needed to work, to cover my living expenses.

I achieved that dream at the age of 32.

After that, I was ready to explore how I could help others achieve their money goals.

I worked with dozens of people as a financial planner, and I realized that for many people, it wasn’t the HOW of money that was keeping them from building wealth.

The thing that separated wealthy people from those who struggled wasn’t a budgeting app, or a special spreadsheet.

What wealthy people had in common was how they thought about money.

I am a certified life and money mindset coach, and I help my clients change the way they think about money, so that they can make more of it, and then use it to create the life they’ve always dreamed of.

What are People Saying?

Laura R., Entrepreneur and holistic personal chef.

“Megan helped me navigate through limiting beliefs around money and myself, dealing with fear, raising my prices for the first time, and narrowing down what I wanted my business to be and ways to get there.

Working with Megan was like having my own personal cheerleader. She encouraged me to celebrate each step I made and each breakthrough I had. When anything good happened, I was excited to tell Megan about it because I knew she would really encourage me celebrate it, which helped to boost my confidence.

Within 6 months of working with Megan, I filled my client roster, had a wait list for my services and left my part time job, becoming a full time entrepreneur.
My income is greater than it’s ever been. I would recommend working with Megan to anyone who is or is planning to become an entrepreneur. There are so many limiting beliefs and mindset shifts to navigate when you have your own business.

Having a coach kept me more motivated and accountable towards reaching my goals. ”

Jacqueline Davis, Bulimia recovery coach

“I originally sought coaching from Megan because I constantly felt stressed about money.

Before working with Megan I lived subconsciously by the idea that I just needed to make more money. Once I made enough then I would have zero money problems.

Megan helped me see how money needs to be an intentional relationship. While making more money is part of the puzzle, how you use your money, how you plan it, and what you think of it are all equally important if not more.

Now I’m working towards not only making more money, but consciously utilizing the money i have currently and not creating more problems for my future self to deal with in terms of money.

Megan also helped me break through limiting beliefs in my business and with money. I came to her thinking I might never be able to create more than 60K in revenue. At the end of working with Megan I had generated 100K in 12 months.

She also helped me see my behaviors with money and how some of them were very similar to how I treated food when I was struggling with bulimia. Very all or nothing, black and white, fuck it moments where I’d binge(or spend), and not believing I could do anything different. It showed me how our core beliefs can bleed into everything we do and how we need to keep identifying them.

Lastly, Megan helped me build more confidence in my money, my business, and myself as a person. By identifying limiting beliefs, helping me break those down, and giving me tools to work towards better behaviors in sales, money, business, and personal life, it changed my life.

All in all, these words don’t even capture half of what we worked on together. I highly recommend Megan. When I originally worked with her I thought she would just help me feel less stressed about money and make more of it. It turned out to be way more than that.”

Laura Macaulay

“I came to life coaching because I wanted to develop my own editing business but hit a wall when it came to promoting my services. My partner and friends would give me all sorts of encouraging advice, but it fell on deaf ears. What Megan did that my peers were too nice to do was call me out on my BS.

I discovered that I was putting a lot of stock in assumptions about my field and my capacities that were gross over-generalizations or simply untrue. For instance, having lived very frugally for many years, I was convinced that my target market, novice writers, would similarly be unable to invest in editing. Megan noted that plenty of people, newbie authors included, have the money to put into their passion projects. Duh.

Another thought that plagued me: that I didn’t have the requisite credentials to do my work exceptionally well. Again, Megan helped me see the holes in this line of thinking–my bosses and clients were more than satisfied with every single one of my projects. I was already doing great, MA or no MA.

After working with her, I now know that my biggest obstacle is not the state of the industry or my editorial skill, but a lifetime of fearing failure. Though I still have self-defeating thoughts, the key difference is that I am able to recognize that this is my tired old program playing itself out again. I keep hitting play on my new, more helpful program that we developed together. My commitment to my business remains firm.”

Meryem Alaoui, Somatic movement educator

“I’ve been working with Megan Tong for a couple of months now. I love her energy and no bullshit attitude! She helped me go from a place of doubt and fear about my ability to sell to a place of believing in myself, by switching my mindset from being centred on me and my insecurities to focusing on who I’m serving, by focusing on giving value to my clients/audience.

I knew I wanted to have continuous support from a coach or mentor to keep me accountable and get me moving closer to my objective of having a sustainable business that can pay for my needs and my family needs. And I’m super grateful to have found Megan, who helped open my mind to the possibilities that are available to me.

I love that she doesn’t complicate things and gets you to take action and make decisions fast, without wasting time in indecision and perfectionist thinking. She really helped me focus on one thing, one offer, so I can really get comfortable selling that offer, and not waste energy changing my mind or plans when things start to get hard. She keeps you motivated no matter what.

She also got me to understand the value of investing in myself. Especially since I am asking clients to invest in themselves by working with me.
My biggest takeaway from Megan’s coaching so far has been to “meet new people”. It’s the first step of her simple 3-step to making more money: 1. Meet new people 2. Tell people what you do 3. Make offers.

If you’re struggling with the idea of selling or have issues with money and want to work on those issues, I highly recommend you get in touch with Megan. She’s a great money mindset coach and she’s super encouraging, approachable and fun!”

Odessa Coleman
July 6, 2022

“I had such a rewarding experience with Megan’s coaching. She was most thorough and insightful with her feedback and she even gave me some helpful thought exercises which I’m now applying to my work.

I highly recommend you joining forces with her!”

Maggie Pruc
May 10, 2022

“I had the pleasure of meeting with Megan during a flash coaching session. Her positive attitude & professional insight provided me with perspective that brought to the surface that my own limiting beliefs were swaying my measurement of success within my business.

I highly recommend Megan Tong to anyone who is looking for professional accountability & an outsider’s perspective on their approach with their business & personal success! Thank you Megan!”

Phanhmalay Southammavong
March 15, 2022

“I took advantage of a 20min session that Megan had offered to our Business group .

I was having trouble convincing my self that i was doing enough in my life to succeed, there was always something in my head that was telling me to do more no matter how much I did it was never good enough. Every time i tried to relax or not thing about work, all i could hear in my head “is you should be doing something”. Megan Showed me that its ok to take time for yourself to sit back and question yourself, it’s ok to think of yourself first, when your ok then its easier to help those around you. She made me ask myself questions that i never would have asked and i was surprised at my own answers. I was able to answer these questions because Megan took the time to listen, she made me feel comfortable and she help me realize that success comes in many different ways and that we should embrace them all to succeed”

Ashley Jane
November 18, 2021

“Megan is a powerful coach who has helped me go beyond what I thought was possible in so many areas of my life including my relationship, career and health and wellbeing. Megan is an inspiration herself and unstoppable in having her clients live lives they love. Highly recommend!”

Erynn Mayes
November 18, 2021

“Megan is amazing. She brings a lot to our sessions. I leave feeling mentally stronger, empowered, and ready to take action to building (improving upon?) the life I want. Thanks Megan!”

E. Bryn Bamber
November 18, 2021

“Megan is kind, caring and also fiery in her coaching. She gets to the heart of the issue so my money blocks melt away and I’m able to increase my income easily!!!”

Emily Feairs
November 18, 2021

“Megan is skilled in her work as a coach and helps her clients figure out how to get to where they want to be. Highly recommend!!”

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