What I learned from decluttering my home:

I just moved to my dreamy new house, and as part of the move, I’ve been decluttering.

As in: looking at all my stuff, and before rehoming it, deciding if I even want that thing in my life.

The first step in the project was, of course, to research the fastest and most effective ways to declutter.

That brought me to Youtube, where I found Cass from the amazing ‘Clutterbug’ channel.

In one of her videos, Cass says this: “Clutter attracts more clutter.”

And over the past few days, I’ve been watching how this works, and it is absolutely TRUE.

As soon as there’s random stuff on a table, it attracts more random stuff.

It’s as if the presence of clutter signals to others: “Oh, that’s a place where we throw random stuff and make a mess, so go ahead and drop your ice cream receipt here.”

So I’ve been watching how that works… AND also noticing how it works the other way.

As in: when something is clean and organized, it encourages more cleanliness and more organization.

And that is why, one week after beginning the project, and after having organized and decluttered all the major things, I found myself sitting at my desk, going through the process with my pencil crayons.

*Have I gone too far?*

In any event, this principle is at work everywhere in our lives.

Actions that move us forward, bring about other actions that move us forward.

Action begets action.

And actions that hold us back from what we want, whether that be creating the financial picture of our dreams, or having a clean home, bring about other actions that we don’t want.

Clutter attracts more clutter.

So, wherever there is disorderliness or chaos in your life, it might be your money, your health, or your home, this is the call to say: take one action.

Open up that one bank statement.

Schedule that one call you’ve been meaning to schedule.

Make one deposit towards your savings.

Hire a coach.

That one action will invite another.

And then another.

And another.

Eventually you’ll be looking around at your life, at your colour-coded pencil crayons, and you’ll just feel so. Damn. Proud.